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Tired of the BS in auto shopping?

By Bernard | April 28, 2018

How does purchasing or leasing a new or used vehicle and never having to go to any car dealerships sound? To just about everyone we know it sounds GREAT! Here is how we do it. We take the vehicles you are considering to you at your home, office, or the local coffee shop if you …

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Why Buy From an Auto Broker?

By Bernard | April 28, 2018

3 Benefits for working with an Auto Broker Regardless of whether you’re in the market for new or used cars, time is money, and the car shopping process can take quite a bit of time. First Choice Automotive services the Denver Metro Area in Colorado, and their team is dedicated to customer service. Many buyers …

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How Can an Auto Broker Help You?

By Bernard | March 28, 2018

Buying a car can be complicated and confusing. From vehicle specifications to financial jargon, there’s a lot of information to sift through before making a decision. This is where a car broker comes in. Not to be confused with auto dealers who sell vehicles at dealerships, brokers are professionals who assist in the car buying process, similar to …

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3 Things to Know Before Buying or Leasing a New Car

By Bernard | February 28, 2018

When you’re ready to buy or lease a new car, you want to make sure it meets your needs without exceeding your budget. You also want to get all of your questions answered so that you can make an informed decision. When the residents of Greenwood Village, CO, are in the market for a new car, …

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You’re Not too late!

By Bernard | January 18, 2018

You haven’t missed the boat! There are still many 2017 models available attached with special financing offers. Offers like 0.00% financing as well as invoice pricing. Great opportunity to get that new car you have been wanting at reduced pricing. They are going fast so call me today for details! (303)351-5722

Consider Last Year’s Auto Models

By Bernard | December 4, 2017

When you’re looking for a new car, it can be tempting to start looking at the latest models. As alluring as all those 2018 styles may be, it’s worth taking a moment to consider buying and/or leasing last year’s model. You’ll find an array of both new and used car options at Greenwood Village, CO’s First …

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